Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drug Testing: a Requirement

In our modern world today, drugs is said to be one of the factors that can affect the education of students. It can cause change in the students attitute towards life, towards school.

For me, drug testing should be done prior to admission to school. This is because this is one way of ensuring the guidance of the school towards the students. This can serve as the first line of protection and concern. The school will surely not want an addict as a student, and if they are encountering certain problems, and they become users because of this, the school can give them counselling assistance.

If drug testing will be required, it would be best if they do not just do random sampling. This is because this random sampling can yield a low percentage. The other users will not be identified, thus, they will not be given the attention they need.

Yes to drug testing as a school requirement, just as long as it goes for EVERYONE. No exception for anyone.